The UK Is Getting Another Hooters Restaurant In Liverpool Soon

The controversial “Hooters” restaurant may be getting a second location in the UK soon, making it the second venue to open in recent years. Despite claims by Liverpool’s mayor that the restaurant promotes a “misogynistic environment”, Hooters will be moving into an empty building on Water Street in the city centre. This is just the … Read more

UK Decriminalized Online Piracy

Looks like those who pirate movies, music or video games, won’t be having to worry too much about the law within the UK. Today it was announced that starting in 2015, the UK government will be changing how they look towards online piracy, giving pirates essentially complete freedom. If you’re in the UK and you … Read more

Sony PS Vita Football Manager Classic Bundle Unveiled

Football or soccer, however you wish to call it, fans of the sport will have the opportunity to pick up a new PS Vita bundle. The bundle will be featuring the latest Football Manager Classic 2014 a title that will be releasing on April 11th, 2014. The bundle, however, will be available on April 17th, 2014. … Read more

DriveClub making Progress and Launch Date “in the weeks to come”

Many have been wondering what happened to the DriveClub title that was supposed to be released alongside the PS4 last year. Recent reports show that DriveClub is doing a lot better than before, and Evolution Studios is moving forward regardless of the recent layoffs. News spread like wildfire and many have wondered what will happen … Read more

PS4 Sales Goes Up 74% during TitanFall’s UK Launch Week

Reports have shown that the Xbox One exclusive TitanFall has been increasing sales on Microsoft’s next gen console. MCV UK Editor Christopher Dring was the one who did the studies and cited “retail sources” to go along with his reports. He explains that sales of the PS4 has went up 74% just last week. The … Read more

Win PlayStation 4 By Cracking A Chest

Square Enix is holding a very unique event at GAME shops within the UK. With the new video game Thief released in stores today, gamers can get a chance to take their lock picking skills to the test. By entering into your local GAME shop, you may be given the chance to open a locked chest within … Read more

UK PlayStation 4 Supply Shortage Should End This April

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is selling tremendously! There’s no getting around it, if you’re looking for a PlayStation 4, then you may be on the waiting list for some areas. Within the UK, gamers are having a real tough time getting the PlayStation 4 as the console is selling out of stock immediately. Sony made … Read more