Dark Souls III PC Version Will Run At 60 FPS

The PC version of Dark Souls 3 will be running at a steady 60 FPS putting all previous rumors of the game possibly having a 30 FPS experience on PC to rest. From Software, however cleared all the doubts yesterday by tweeting that Dark Souls 3 will run at 60 fps on PC. Forget what you’ve heard. … Read more

Ubisoft Accidentally Teases New Prince of Persia Game

A tweet was sent out from Ubisoft Reflections engineer, Drew James, who may have released details confirming that Ubisoft is in fact working on an upcoming Prince of Persia video game. The account has since been removed from Twitter but not before images were capture of the tweet teaser. Drew James may have accidentally released a … Read more

Minecraft Coming To PS4/PS Vita

4J Studios has tweeted a picture showcasing Minecraft heading to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. 4J Studios has yet to announce anything official as of yet but the image does showcase Minecraft being played on the PlayStation 4. Also, notice the PS Vita playing it’s own copy of Minecraft, it doesn’t appeared to be mirrored with … Read more

Sony Shutting Down Resistance Servers

Announced today, Sony is closing down servers for the Resistance titles. Developers, Insomniac Games urge players to jump online one last time and enjoy the gameplay with employees. Truly a bittersweet day for Insomniac Games as they end a chapter of the PlayStation 3 but move onto the PlayStation 4. News broke from Insomniac Games … Read more

PS4 Sales Goes Up 74% during TitanFall’s UK Launch Week

Reports have shown that the Xbox One exclusive TitanFall has been increasing sales on Microsoft’s next gen console. MCV UK Editor Christopher Dring was the one who did the studies and cited “retail sources” to go along with his reports. He explains that sales of the PS4 has went up 74% just last week. The … Read more

PS Plus Rumored To Offer AAA Games

The PlayStation Plus is a great service all around. While there are a few elements that makes a difference of owning the service between the PlayStation 3 and the current PlayStation 4, the ability to get free video games to play each and every month is always been a positive for each console. Though, we … Read more

Mass Effect 4 Director is “Doing it right over doing it fast!”

BioWare’s Mass Effect series isn’t ending as a Mass Effect 4 title is in the works. The game started out as a trilogy, playing out in a science fiction RPG. There happens to be three main titles within the franchise with all three being rather successful hits. However, we do have to make mention that the ending of … Read more