Ubisoft Accidentally Teases New Prince of Persia Game

A tweet was sent out from Ubisoft Reflections engineer, Drew James, who may have released details confirming that Ubisoft is in fact working on an upcoming Prince of Persia video game. The account has since been removed from Twitter but not before images were capture of the tweet teaser.

Drew James may have accidentally released a tweet that has confirmed Ubisoft is in fact working on a new Prince of Persia title. The tweet shows off several different captures of past Prince of Persia titles with a “whats next for Prince of Persia?” tag. Before, Ubisoft working on a new title for the franchise was nothing more than a rumor and speculation.


Though with this tweet, we can safely assume that Ubisoft will be revealing this Prince of Persia title during E3. What is being assumed at the current moment is that Ubisoft is developing a Prince of Persia title using UbiArt. UbiArt Framework engine has developed Rayman Legends and it’s likely that the upcoming Prince of Persia title will be developed in a similar fashion.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see just Ubisoft reveals during their press conference at E3 this year. Of course, we’ll have the latest details from the expo right here at PlayStation Gang.