Borderlands and Civilization Revolution Will Lose Online Play

Because GameSpy is losing their online servers, several games will be affected when it comes to online gameplay. Among the several titles losing their servers, meaning no online gameplay for the time being, only two are related to the Sony PlayStation 3.

Borderlands and Civilization: Revolution will be losing their online gameplay. According to 2K, the servers will be shutting down but that doesn’t mean online gameplay won’t have a chance on making a return.

“Starting May 31, Borderlands® PS3 and Civilization® Revolution PS3 will also go offline as a result of GameSpy Technology’s online service termination. We are currently investigating the technical feasibility of transitioning those titles. Again, players will not experience interruptions to offline play for these titles.  We will provide updates as they become available.”

Perhaps if the demand is there, we can get these two titles back online but if not, you can still play both games offline without any issues. For the time being, we’ll keep you updated with the latest from 2K.