PS Plus Rumored To Offer AAA Games

The PlayStation Plus is a great service all around. While there are a few elements that makes a difference of owning the service between the PlayStation 3 and the current PlayStation 4, the ability to get free video games to play each and every month is always been a positive for each console. Though, we would like to note that subscribers will have to keep their subscription to keep the free video game titles. Regardless, there are some subscribers who are tired of the video game lineup for the PS Plus subscription.

Since PS Plus started, the indie game front has always been the highlight for free video game titles. We personally love playing indie titles but for some, there’s a desire of having AAA games tossed into the mix. Industry insider, Ahsan Rasheed, has been pretty on key with whats to come in the industry. Ahsan recently had the chance to speak with someone who is high up in Sony’s pay grade. The news he broke on Twitter may bring good news for the PlayStation 4.

I’m Told “Good Stuff is coming, be patient this is the typical Sony cycle.” I’ve also been told later this year PS Plus on PS4 will have AAA

Since this is not an official statement from Sony, it’s best to take this news as a rumor. Until we get that official announcement, we’ll keep posted on the latest right here on PSG!