Nintendo Still Refusing To Release Games on Mobile Market

It’s no surprise that Nintendo is struggling. Their consoles are selling poorly as of late and if it wasn’t for their handheld’s the Nintendo name could potentially be a thing of the past. News broke not too long ago that the company was considering the mobile market with smartphones and tablets. While Nintendo was fast to dismiss any rumors of their popular characters being available in a future mobile game, it seems that Nintendo is still holding strong to that statement.

Investors are trying to steer Nintendo into releasing their video game characters into a mobile platform video game. Recently, producer Kensuke Tanabe, talked with Gamespot on the matter and further discussed as to why Nintendo won’t be releasing Mario, Zelda or any other Nintendo licensed character on the mobile platform.

“With games like Mario and Donkey Kong, the control input is such an important part of that; I think if you’re trying to replicate that feeling of control that you have traditional to those games, translating those to a smart device, that’s a just a really, really difficult task,”

“Of course I’m not ignoring the fact that the marketplace is flooded with these devices and that there are a lot of games created specifically for them. Personally, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a curiosity of or feeling of needing to create or wanting to create games for those devices. I want Nintendo games to be played on Nintendo hardware.”

It seems that Nintendo is still holding out that their consoles will suddenly pick back up and become a top dog contender once again. Let us know in the comments below if Nintendo should open up their license characters and move to the mobile market.