PS Plus games Have been Announced for January

As you know PS Plus comes around every month with some hot new offerings for you to play. PlayStation has just announced what games will be gracing your consoles for free this January and they are sticking to the wintery time of year theme (kinda). January is more than a drag for most people who … Read more

Free PS Plus games have been revealed for December

Another month and another round of ‘free’ games for PS plus subscribers. December is here and as we all inevitably spend more time indoors due to the freezing temperatures we will need more games to play. I hope you are ready to spend more time inside than you originally planned as Decembers PS plus is … Read more

PS Plus: Free Games for February 2016

Another month in the bank, another set of free games delivered fresh to you hard drive. PS Plus members, rejoice, it’s that time of the month again where we can bring you the latest and greatest with a special sneak peak of what you’ll be playing next month. From “Nice, I’ve been waiting for this … Read more

Sony To Extend PSN Subscriptions For Free Due To Recent Downtime

PSN was down. Again. But this time, it didn’t last very long – relatively speaking. It was still down for a good chunk of the day, definitely enough to interrupt a lot of people’s plans. The outage lasted about 10 hours. Sony has yet to disclose the cause of this disruption,┬ábut everything’s back online now. … Read more

Spelunky Review

Jump, die, fall, die, swing, die, grab, die, walk, die, whip, die, die, die. In Mossmouth’s indie platformer Spelunky players will be greeted by a bucket load of death and dying in one of the most difficult games to come to the PS4. As part of October’s PS Plus line-up, Spelunky was one of the … Read more

SteamWorld Dig Review

Any nineties kid will remember going to the arcade any playing Dig Dug, a 2D platformer were players dig and find monsters in the dirt and try to avoid being killed; gloriously simple and yet infuriatingly fun. SteamWorld Dig is perhaps the best game of this months PS Plus line-up. Set in a desolate planet, … Read more

PlayStation Plus October Video Games Lineup

Sony has revealed the October PlayStation Plus video game lineup. For those who are subscribers to PlayStation Plus, Sony gives away free video games to play each and every month. Though to keep the video games unlocked, gamers will have to keep their subscription active. For the month of October, the following video games are … Read more