PS Plus members to get Battlefield 3 free this month

Good times are coming for PlayStation Plus members. Along with the discounts associated with the ‘Summer Blast’ that we reported yesterday, PS Plus members will now get Battlefield 3 free on the PS Store. Battlefield 3 will be free to download for PS Plus members beginning with the 7/2 PS Store update. In addition, there … Read more

PS4: Free-To-Play Games List

The PlayStation 4 will come with a bevy of free-to-play titles for anyone who subscribes to PlayStation Plus service. Most of these titles will be available at the launch of the console. Sony is making every effort to ramp up its free-to-play offerings on PlayStation Network with the announcement of its next-gen console. Read the … Read more

PS3 And PS Vita: 153 Free Games For 15 Days With PS Plus Free Trial

Japanese PS Plus offers an enormous total of 153 free games between modern and classic ones to its subscribers. Within the instant collection, there are cult classics like Arc the Lad, Shin Megami Tensei, Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Ken Kaze Tobari, Lunatic Dawn Odyssey, Spectral Force, Spectral Tower II, Langrisser, Thunder Force V, Shadow Tower, Brigandine, Gun Parade March, Assault … Read more

PS4 requires PlayStation Plus to Play Online

Sony has confirmed at their E3 press conference, that if users want to play PS4 games online, they will require PlayStation Plus in order to do so. It is a way that the company can keep making money after selling the console, just like Microsoft has been doing for years on their Xbox Live Memberships. … Read more

PlayStation plus will have a “prominent role” in PS4

This shouldn’t be a surprise, PlayStation Plus has being very useful to all gamers for years now. Giving away fantastic free games, fantastic deal and offer alot more you’d never expect. Sony has said PlayStation Plus is not going no where, and it  will have a “prominent role” to the PS4 than it has been in the past. During an interview … Read more