Sony Shutting Down Resistance Servers

Announced today, Sony is closing down servers for the Resistance titles. Developers, Insomniac Games urge players to jump online one last time and enjoy the gameplay with employees. Truly a bittersweet day for Insomniac Games as they end a chapter of the PlayStation 3 but move onto the PlayStation 4.

News broke from Insomniac Games that PlayStation 3 servers for Resistance Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 were shutting down on April 8th. The developers are choosing to spend the night playing the games online with fans. Although, the decision to end the servers wasn’t Insomniac Games but Sony.


Clarifying through additional tweets, Insomniac Games state that there are several reasons that are causing the servers to be shut down. All of which are determined from Sony leaving Insomniac Games with little control as to say. Some fans have noticed that Resistance Burning Skies was not on the list. Insomniac Games tweeted saying that they really didn’t know if Sony was pulling the plug on Burning Skies or not so only time will tell.