DayZ Heading To Consoles After PC Build

Dean Hall, game creator of DayZ has spoke with GameReactor. During the interview, Dean talks about the possibility of bringing DayZ to the console format. Turns out that console manufacturers are already interested in the port. Find out why exactly the port isn’t being made just yet.

DayZ is currently a popular zombie themed title that is only available on PC. The game tosses players into a post-apocalyptic world where zombies rule the world. How you play is completely up to you. Stumble on another player, choose to attack, team up or hold him up for his items.

“I think all the console manufacturers are interested in DayZ, and rightly so because we’ve sold a fair amount of units in a short space of time and it’s a game that could potentially transfer quite well to consoles.”

Dean Hall mentions that there are consoles manufacturers who are interested in bringing over a port. Though instead of porting what the development team has right now, Dean is declining the offer and waiting just a little while long. The reason being, Dean doesn’t want to release a port that isn’t complete.

Right now, the PC version of the game isn’t even full. There are still dramatic changes and fixes the developers are looking to take care of. However, once the PC version is finished and stable, then Dean will most likely look into bringing ports over to the console format.

“So really the bottleneck is us,” he said. “We need to get the PC build to the right state, where then it can pull across, and I think everybody recognizes that there’s no sense in starting to pull something across that’s dramatically changing all the time.”