Andrew Garfield Improvised This Wholesome Line In Spider-Man: No Way Home

Andrew Garfield has revealed that one of the most wholesome lines in Spider-Man: No Way Home was actually improvised by him. Spider-Man: No Way Home is proving to be a resounding commercial success. It’s quickly become Sony’s most successful movie ever, and fans are loving it with a 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Part … Read more

Artist Recreates Spider-Man: No Way Home Scene As Vintage Comic

An iconic moment from the new Spider-Man: No Way Home movie has been stunningly illustrated in the style of a vintage Spider-Man comic book [via ScreenRant] Spider-Man: No Way Home is taking the box office by storm, web-pulling in over $1 billion at the global box office [via Deadline]. The film is received resoundingly well … Read more

Tom Holland Gave Real Life Superhero Tour Of Spider-Man Set

Tom Holland, the star of Spider-Man: No Way Home, made the day of one real-life superhero by giving them a tour of the film set. Bridger Walker made headlines in 2020 when he saved his younger sisters life. As a charging dog attempted to maul his sister, Walker selflessly put himself in harm’s way. He … Read more

Tom Holland Shows Off Newest Spider-Man Suit After Finishing Filming

The world may still be busy talking about Spider-Man’s recent debut on the PlayStation 4, but there’s more than video games in the Spider-Marvel universe right now. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has just finished filming on the latest movie in the franchise, and he celebrated the occasion by sharing a snap of his newest suit … Read more

Everybody Missed This Hidden Easter Egg In Spider-Man: Homecoming

If you’ve watched Spider-Man: Homecoming, you’ll have probably enjoyed it as much as we did. It offered a pretty solid introduction for our new Spider-Man, Tom Holland, into the Marvel universe, setting up his relationship with Tony Stark pretty nicely ahead of Infinity War. Obviously Marvel are the kings of slipping in hidden little snippets … Read more