The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook Is Being Released Soon

If your resolution for the new year is to get more creative in the kitchen then you don’t need to look any further, as Bethesda and Titan Books are about to launch the official Elder Scrolls cookbook, creatively called The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook. The book, which currently has a release date of March 2019, … Read more

Great Games That Start Out Really Awful

10 Great Games That Start Out Really Awful

When it comes to trying out new games, the early stages can often make or break the experience. They can halt games entirely, seeming so tedious and laborious that players simply can’t go on. Equally, they can engage us in special ways, making us eager for more. Sometimes, the early stages aren’t all that reflective … Read more

10 Incredible Skyrim facts nobody ever told you about

Skyrim is an absolute monster of a game, there is no doubt about it. But do you know everything there is to know about it? Probably not. Well, to help you in your quest we’ve decided to talk about 10 things that you might have not known about the game. Enjoy. 10: 25 of the … Read more