Ninja Is No Longer The Most Subscribed-To Streamer On Twitch

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has officially gone from being the most subscribed-to Twitch streamer to – not second place – but third. According to Twitch Stats, Ninja takes third position with nearly 40,000 subscriber. At the time of writing, he has 39,769. Unfortunately, that’s not quite enough to beat the one and only Shroud, who’s currently … Read more

Ninja Thinks Making $150,000 A Month From Subscribers Is ‘A Joke’

Twitch icon Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the biggest names in streaming. From appearing – and winning a trophy – at The Game Awards 2018, to appearing in this year’s YouTube Rewind, you can’t say “online celebrity” without thinking of Ninja. Unfortunately, spending so much time in the spotlight means it’s easy for people … Read more

Streamer Breaks World Record for most amount of time Streamed in a Month

Streamers have taken over the gaming space in the past few years with millions of viewers watching thousands of channels on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. With that their comes a competition. This can range from having the most viewers for a particular game or having the most viewers across the whole platform. However this … Read more

WATCH: Streamer gets 100 Kills in a Single Round of Battlefield V

Shroud retired from professional Counter Strike and since then he has taken over Twitch with his insane (mostly) TPS/FPS gameplay. He rose to Twitch fame through PUBG quickly becoming the biggest streamer for that game and stayed there for months. He is now trying his hand at other games like Battlefield and the latest CoD … Read more

Streamer Gets Swatted But the Police Ended Up Being Gamers

Twitch never ceases to entertain. Streamer and YouTuber TrixxyTrix got swatted on stream, and the result was pretty unexpected. After TrixxyTrix’s own Twitch chat told him they were going to SWAT him, the streamer challenged what he thought were idle threats by telling his viewers to do it. Not surprisingly, someone did. Half an hour … Read more

Streamer Beats Up His Stepdad For Abusing His Mom

A few days ago, a YouTuber was live streaming. During the stream, the YouTuber left his room and got into a physical altercation with his abusive stepfather. The video below might be disturbing for some viewers, it deals with some real life stuff. On March 11th YouTuber, Truth Behind The Lies was doing a live … Read more