Ninja Thinks Making $150,000 A Month From Subscribers Is ‘A Joke’

Twitch icon Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the biggest names in streaming. From appearing – and winning a trophy – at The Game Awards 2018, to appearing in this year’s YouTube Rewind, you can’t say “online celebrity” without thinking of Ninja.

Credit: Ninja

Unfortunately, spending so much time in the spotlight means it’s easy for people to take what you say out of context, which seems to have happened again.

A clip of one of Ninja’s most recent streams shows him branding his sub count a “joke,” essentially trashing his millions of fans for a laugh.

Credit: Ninja

Although clearly Ninja’s supposed to be joking, the clip has left a lot of people upset, as it seems to show that Ninja doesn’t care about either his fans or the money he’s racking up.

The streamer brings in approximately $150,000 a month, but from the sounds of things, he wants more.

In another recent video Ninja lashed out at a troll in his comments during his stream of Final Fantasy XI.

In the clip, which you can watch below, he tells his audience: “I have a subscriber who’s literally talking trash in my stream. Saying 8000 viewers and I’m ‘a dying streamer’…I’m playing FF 11 dude, a game that’s 16 years old.”

The chat wasn’t happy with Ninja’s blasé attitude to what he apparently thinks is a small stream, with mods calling for people to keep it calm and friendly before the conversation moved on.

Seems it’s hard for Ninja to get things right these days.