Spelunky Review

Jump, die, fall, die, swing, die, grab, die, walk, die, whip, die, die, die. In Mossmouth’s indie platformer Spelunky players will be greeted by a bucket load of death and dying in one of the most difficult games to come to the PS4. As part of October’s PS Plus line-up, Spelunky was one of the … Read more

PlayStation Plus October Video Games Lineup

Sony has revealed the October PlayStation Plus video game lineup. For those who are subscribers to PlayStation Plus, Sony gives away free video games to play each and every month. Though to keep the video games unlocked, gamers will have to keep their subscription active. For the month of October, the following video games are … Read more

Apotheon, Nidhogg and More Indie Games Coming to PS4

Sony announced a dozen indie games coming to PS4 and other PlayStation platforms during an indie game event at their San Mateo offices. The theme of the event was the migration of famous indie games from Steam to PlayStation platforms, mainly PS4. The current list is as follows: Apotheon (PS4) Axiom Verge (PS4/PS Vita) Chasm (PS4) Don’t Starve: … Read more

Daily Challenges Come to PS3 and PS Vita Versions of Spelunky

One of the big draws for the roguelike platformer Spelunky, has been the daily challenges. Every day an algorithm creates a new dungeon that can be played only once. to many players it feels like the playthrough that counts. It has been keeping players coming back for days on end on both the 360 and … Read more

Spelunky Hitting PS3 and PS Vita Next Week

Sony has announced Derek Yu’s treasure hunting platforming roguelike Spelunky is coming to the PS3 and PS Vita next week on August 27th for North America. It’s only been announced for North America so far, but the rest of the world can surely hope for a worldwide release at some point. Spelunky will cost $14.99 … Read more