Daily Challenges Come to PS3 and PS Vita Versions of Spelunky

One of the big draws for the roguelike platformer Spelunky, has been the daily challenges. Every day an algorithm creates a new dungeon that can be played only once. to many players it feels like the playthrough that counts. It has been keeping players coming back for days on end on both the 360 and PC versions.

In the game’s latest update, the daily challenges now come to the PlayStation 3andn PlayStation Vita versions of the game. Things brings the game up to speed with the other versions. The update also comes with fixes to correct some slowdowns and issues with trophies unlocking.

Hopefully, Spelunky will be one of those titles upgraded for the PlaysTation4 to take advantage of the new console’s streaming abilities. Spelunky run throughs have quite a following on Twitch.

(via Gameranx)