Blindfolded Speedrunner Beats Outlast In Just 10 Minutes

Remember Outlast? It launched alongside the PlayStation 4 many moons ago, and it successfully scared the cr*p out of everyone who played it. The first-person survival horror game had you creep around an abandoned asylum for reasons, and it was since followed by a pretty lack-lustre sequel. The original game however, still holds a place … Read more

Fallout: New Vegas Beaten In Less Than 20 Minutes For New World Record

Author: Jeff Taylor How much time have you sunk into New Vegas? 15 hours? 30 hours? More? Joke’s on you, you could have finished the game in under twenty minutes. It wouldn’t be easy, though. You probabally couldn’t even do it, unless your name is Kungskobra, the speedrunner who holds the world record for New … Read more