Blindfolded Speedrunner Beats Outlast In Just 10 Minutes

Remember Outlast? It launched alongside the PlayStation 4 many moons ago, and it successfully scared the cr*p out of everyone who played it.

The first-person survival horror game had you creep around an abandoned asylum for reasons, and it was since followed by a pretty lack-lustre sequel. The original game however, still holds a place in the hearts of horror fans.

Credit: Red Barrels

It should take the average player around five hours to complete the main storyline of Outlast, but for speedrunners the record is a little quicker…

A YouTuber and Twitch streamer by the name of AcrohTheBeast recently uploaded the following video to his channel, in which you can watch him complete the game in just 10 minutes 24 seconds.

Credit: Red Barrels

The most impressive part? He achieves the feat while wearing a blindfold, which is absolute genius because if you can’t see it, it can’t scare you.

Check it out below.

YouTube video

Now, this isn’t the world record in Outlast speedrunning – that stands at just over nine minutes long, but that’s without the blindfold. And really, which is more impressive?

One commenter on the video praised it, writing: “Noob gamers:24 hours

“Normal gamers:12 hours

“Hardcore gamers: 30 minutes

“Acrohthebeast:10 minutes while blindfolded.”

Before you go thinking this is fake, it’s been verified as real by the big dogs at SpeedRun, and you don’t get much more official than that.

Could you do this?