Blindfolded Speedrunner Beats Outlast In Just 10 Minutes

Remember Outlast? It launched alongside the PlayStation 4 many moons ago, and it successfully scared the cr*p out of everyone who played it. The first-person survival horror game had you creep around an abandoned asylum for reasons, and it was since followed by a pretty lack-lustre sequel. The original game however, still holds a place … Read more

Resident Evil 7 Player Beats Game Only Using Knife And Sets A New Record

If you’re still trying to make it through your first RE7 play through without defecating in your trousers, you’ve got a ways to go before even thinking of challenging this impressive record. ItsTheWykytron, a speed-runner and streamer from Twitch, has managed to complete Resident Evil 7 using nothing but a knife. Despite playing on easy … Read more