Grandma Plays Over 3500 Hours Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

2019 is of to a wholesome start after Twitter user @Phubans shared a heartwarming story about his elderly grandma.

Credit: Nintendo

Tweeting about his grandma’s love of the Nintendo 3DS classic, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Paul Hubans wrote: “My 87-year-old grandma has played Animal Crossing New Leaf on her 3DS every single day for the past 4 years now.

“Her 3DS finally broke this year, so we got her a new one for Christmas. During a system transfer I checked her activity log.”

The insanely impressive activity log for his grandma’s game shows off over 3500 hours of play on AC: New Leaf over a 4 year time span. According to the stats, she’s booted up the game over 2500 times in total, with an average playtime of over an hour.

Credit: Nintendo

The tweet, which has since gone viral, has since been accompanied with a photo of his grandma playing her all-time favourite game, and a thank you to Huban’s brother, who helped to get a new console for their devoted gaming grandma in time for Christmas.

Hopefully she’ll have just as much fun when Nintendo releases the new Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch!

Credit: Nintendo