New world record has been created for beating Resident Evil 7 with only a knife on the hardest difficulty

Last week we gave props to the streamer who managed to beat Resident Evil 7 using nothing but a knife. It was an impressive accomplishment, but like most trailblazers their time in the spotlight was short lived because it was inevitable that someone else would come along and take it to the next level.


If you’re just going for pure speed, you’ll play the game on the easiest mode after unlocking some overpowered weaponry. But if you’re a glutton for punishment, or just elite, you’ll play it with nothing but a knife. If you’re a true savage, you’ll do a knife-only run on the¬†madhouse difficulty level.


Quizzle is a true savage, who managed to complete Resident Evil 7 on madhouse (the hardest difficulty mode in the game) in just under three hours. Oh, and by the way, he didn’t die a single time in the process. No deaths.


After someone did this on easy mode, it was like “Wow, that’s really impressive, but it still seems like something a person could do…” But doing that on madhouse? In under three hours? That’s just absolutely nuts. Of course, someone else is going to come along in a few hours or a few days and blow this new record out of the water too, and then it’s game on to see who can shave off the most fractions of seconds from their runs.

Quizzle already managed to take over half an hour off of their first run, but how much quicker can this even be done?

You can check out how he did it, the complete run is available on Youtube.

YouTube video