Fallout: New Vegas Beaten In Less Than 20 Minutes For New World Record

Author: Jeff Taylor

How much time have you sunk into New Vegas? 15 hours? 30 hours? More?

Joke’s on you, you could have finished the game in under twenty minutes. It wouldn’t be easy, though. You probabally couldn’t even do it, unless your name is Kungskobra, the speedrunner who holds the world record for New Vegas after knocking it out in just shy of 20 minutes.

He should have wore a heart rate monitor like this guy…

via fallout.wikia.com
via fallout.wikia.com

When every second counts, there’s no time to waste. You’ve got to take advantage of every little thing that you can, every fraction of a second will either take you closer or further away from the record. Here are some of the more interesting ways that Kungskobra was able to make this happen:

  • He played the game in Italian, because it saves 4 seconds in the Doc Mitchell dialogue.
  • He breaks his own legs, saves, then reloads and if the timing is right he gets a speed boost.
  • He freezes enemies by using a glitch with custom markers.
gameplay screenshot from Fallout: New Vegas
gameplay screenshot from Fallout: New Vegas

Do some of these tricks sound familiar? That’s because we’ve also featured HollazHalan, the previous record holder, at just over 20 minutes. But Kungskobra was able to add in some of his own flair to take things to the next level and to push the boundaries. Your more, HollazHalan.

via fallout.wikia.com
via fallout.wikia.com

Here’s some more info from the FAQ

“Abusing the quicksave and quickload mechanic is a technique that allows me to skip NPC dialogue, clip through walls, avoid fall damage, reset NPC animations and glitch my movement speed.”

“I glitched my movement speed by loading a save at the exact moment my legs got crippled. This causes the game to add the slow crippled speed (roughly 52%) on top of the regular (100%) speed, allowing me to walk at an accelerated pace. This trick is difficult and inconsistent, so I will most likely restart my runs trying to get the glitch.”

“By quicksaving and quickloading in rapid succession I can go through most walls in the game, because the wall collision is kinda dodgy in this game.”

“I go all into Speech and get 45 Survival for the Travel Light perk. I also get Black Widow to quickly dispose of Benny.”

Check out the full run:

YouTube video

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