Dad Leaves Hilarious Messages For His Son On Minecraft Server

Who doesn’t like to witness a little father-son bonding. Especially if it happens inside a Minecraft server. A son was in for a surprise when he found out that his father was deliberately leaving him messages inside a Minecraft server the family owned.

Both of them used to play on the server and the dad left some rather hilarious messages for his Son inside it. It ranged from discussing his rather dull ‘love life’ to reminding him of proper toilet hygiene.

Image: Mojang

It also included outright notifications of mischievous deeds that daddy cool committed on his own Son’s bed. It makes for some rather hilarious viewing and it’s absolutely amazing to see such bonding between father and son, both of whom happens to be gamers.

Take a look at the images below and you would be laughing as well –

He didn’t have to remind him of this


Thanks Dad.


I’ll keep this in mind, no really.


Teaching his Son proper hygiene is important. Serious business.


Would you love to have a dad like this? Who wouldn’t!