Dad Leaves Hilarious Messages For His Son On Minecraft Server

Who doesn’t like to witness a little father-son bonding. Especially if it happens inside a Minecraft server. A son was in for a surprise when he found out that his father was deliberately leaving him messages inside a Minecraft server the family owned. Both of them used to play on the server and the dad … Read more

99.9% of Gamers Are Like This…

I know this happen to alot of gamers out there. You either see this when your team isn’t doing what they are supposed to do or a campaign noob mess up your killstreaks mission.

GTA V Trolls Students

Just as you made the commitment to do good this year, big old Grand Theft Auto 5 comes around the corner and comes out just weeks after school starts. The image above shows Grand Theft Auto 5 punching the girl in the face. Let’s face it guys, nobody and I mean nobody can turn down … Read more

PC Gamer Finally Gets GTA V…

PC gamers are pretty pissed off as Rockstar didn’t announce a PC version to be in development for the platform and the comic below hilariously but accurately describes how console gamers feel towards the constant whining of the PC gamers due to this. Although, we really hope they get a chance to play the game … Read more

The 5 Funniest Pokemon Motivationals

Nothing says childhood like capturing exotic animals, leveling them up by walking in grass for hours, and making them beat each other senseless. Yes you guessed it, it’s the never ending Pokemon! Thanks to the internet we found so many of these hilarious pictures that we would love to share with you. Tell us which … Read more