Silent Hills To Be Released Episodically?

Silent Hills, the next video game installment in the Silent Hill franchise, may be releasing episodically? Looks like Hideo Kojima is thinking about changing the way he releases the game after statements made during Konami showcase event at TGS. During the Tokyo Game Show event, Hideo Kojima was present along with his upcoming video game … Read more

Silent Hills P.T. Review

PT is game demo and that is all you need to hear.  The game is so simple at first but at the end it becomes an intense puzzle. For those of you who have never played P.T. I’ll explain the game. In P.T. players enter a normal world where you find yourself walking through a door … Read more

Is This The Final Solution For The P.T. Demo?

During Sony’s Gamecom conference nearly two weeks ago, a free demo for a game call P.T. was mentioned. It has since been shown that the P.T. was a teaser for a new Silent Hill game called Silent Hills. The game is being developed by Hideo Kojima. Kojima stated that he expected gamers to take weeks to solve … Read more

P.T. Swedish Radio Transmission Translated

Since the announcement of P.T. (Playable Teaser) from Gamescom, gamers have been hard at work cracking all the little easter eggs within the game. One of the biggest would have to be the Swedish radio transmission. To those who understand Swedish, this might not be a massive reveal at all but those who are stuck … Read more

Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills May Be Too Scary

P.T. has been revealed and broken, the game demo we’ve seen reaction videos to at this year’s Gamescom was in fact the next installment in the Silent Hill series. Known as Silent Hills, Kojima even explained the reason for revealing the game through an unknown horror demo. Now Kojima has admitted that the upcoming Silent … Read more

Hideo Kojima Explains Silent Hills Announcement Demo P.T.

During Gamescom 2014, Sony had one small spotlight video for a game known as P.T. It was quickly discovered that this game P.T. was a cleaver way to reveal Hideo Kojima’s next video game project, a new Silent Hill game known as Silent Hills. Today on Twitter, Kojima explains why he made the interactive announcement … Read more

New Silent Hill Game Revealed From Hideo Kojima

Another Silent Hill game is in the works and from the Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima and writer/director Guillermo Del Toro Gomez. Interestingly enough, the reveal came from an interactive video game up for download on the PSN. Today at Gamesom, Sony announced P.T. a supposedly upcoming horror video game that players can try out … Read more