P.T. Swedish Radio Transmission Translated

Since the announcement of P.T. (Playable Teaser) from Gamescom, gamers have been hard at work cracking all the little easter eggs within the game. One of the biggest would have to be the Swedish radio transmission.

To those who understand Swedish, this might not be a massive reveal at all but those who are stuck wondering what it means in English, we finally have that translation.

Close your eyes. Let your ears listen in to the radio. Do you hear my voice? Can you hear the screams of your own soul?

Let us choose: my voice, which tells the future, or your tormented [struggles?]. Well? What do you choose? You can choose. Your life. Your future!

Wise as you are, you may already have noticed. As the radio drama from 75 years ago was the truth. They are here, on our Earth. And they oversee and see all. Don’t trust the news. Don’t trust the police. They are already controlled by them.

So has it been for 75 years now. Only [our master?] can keep them [at bay]. You have a right. A right to become one of us. So welcome to our world. Very soon, the gates to a new dimension will open.

Several gamers are assuming that this is a nod to the past Silent Hill video games “secret” ending. A number of Silent Hill titles in the past had an alien secret ending so we very well may see aliens return for a hidden easter egg ending within Kojima’s Silent Hills.