Sony Resolves PS4 CE-33945-4 Error

Some gamers are reporting an error on their PlayStation 4 known as CE-33945-4. The error does not let gamers access their video games or services. Sony has since fixed the error and suggest gamers try accessing their content once again.

According to Sony, a very small number of gamers have been affected with the CE-33945-4 error. We’re still not sure what caused the error though it has been rumored that the error is a result of pre-ordering a video game on the PlayStation Store and then cancelling it.

Sony’s support stated the following:


This issue should now be resolved. Please try accessing your games again. If you are still having the issue try restoring licenses. If even after that you are still having issues, please let us know. Thanks!

Have you experienced the error and if so, has the error been resolved?