Hideo Kojima Explains Silent Hills Announcement Demo P.T.

During Gamescom 2014, Sony had one small spotlight video for a game known as P.T. It was quickly discovered that this game P.T. was a cleaver way to reveal Hideo Kojima’s next video game project, a new Silent Hill game known as Silent Hills. Today on Twitter, Kojima explains why he made the interactive announcement demo instead of just revealing Silent Hills at the Gamescom event.

P.T. came out of nowhere, it was a hidden game that Sony decided to show off reaction videos and small little bits of gameplay during Gamescom. After the reveal, it was shown off that the game demo could be downloaded right now on the PlayStation 4. Several gamers flocked to the PSN and downloaded a copy only to discover that at the end of this P.T. video game, it was nothing more but an announcement for Silent Hills.

Today Kojima revealed as to why he used the demo for P.T. in order to announce Silent Hills. Kojima explains that as a small child he could watch scary movies because he knew the actors or directors, thus knowing the movie was a made up story.

However, once he started to watch unknown foreign horror films, he found it “scary as hell” because it lacked any information. He didn’t know the actors or directors nor what the overall plot line was. This is why he made P.T. to intentionally bring a frightful state of mind when playing through the demo.