Silent Hills P.T. Review

PT is game demo and that is all you need to hear.  The game is so simple at first but at the end it becomes an intense puzzle. For those of you who have never played P.T. I’ll explain the game. In P.T. players enter a normal world where you find yourself walking through a door straight into hell.

You are instantly transported to the start again, however this time all is not as it seems because now you’ll find shadows lurking throughout the level, sounds of horror and a complete mystery left for you to solve. After you first encounter this unspeakable horror you become truly endangered.

Despite the fact this is just a “playable teaser” it has headlined on websites and inspired youtube videos of people reacting to this traumatizing fright fest. It has also earned the title of best game reveal ever.

P.T. is not a cliche horror game that rely’s on cheap jump scares, it’s a game that constantly petrifies players just by using the houses atmosphere. Kojima has taken pointers from silent hill by making the house a character, much like the town of Silent Hill itself.

The same can be said about P.T. the game wouldn’t have been the same without the house and its past. Throughout this insidious quest you will encounter a Fetus in a sink, a one eyed ghost, a bloody fridge, and Norman Reedus.