The Girl and the Robot Releasing On PS4

The popular Kickstarter campaign for The Girl and the Robot has just announced that the game will be releasing on the PlayStation 4. Those who have pledged at least $25 for the Kickstarter campaign will be receiving a survey asking which version of the game you wish to receive. The Girl and the Robot is said to … Read more

Chain Chronicle Heading To PS Vita

The popular mobile title from Sega known as Chain Chronicle V is making its way to the PlayStation Vita. Check out the announcement trailer released for the upcoming video game title. Chain Chronicle V will come packed with the same story and gameplay from the mobile version although there will be some additional content added. For instance, … Read more

Octodad Releasing On PS4 Next Week

Octodad is officially making it’s way to the PlayStation 4 console this coming week. Take control of this octopus in disguise with Sony PlayStation 4 Move support if you’re up for the challenge. Announced today, Octodad will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 this coming Tuesday April 22, 2014. Players will take control of an … Read more

Sony Reveals PlayStation Now Equipped Bravia 4K TVs Launching June

Back at CES of this year, we learned about the PlayStation Now service. Furthermore, we learned that the Sony PlayStation Now service would be available on select Sony Bravia TVs. Today, Sony announced that the Bravia TV lineup that is equipped with PlayStation Now will be releasing this June. Sony will be releasing a line … Read more

Natural Doctrine Heading For Western Release

Natural Doctrine has been revealed that the game will be released for North America and Europe. Developed and published by Kadokawa Games, the game is set to release in Japan this April 3rd. However, North America and Europe will see the game get a release sometime this Fall from publisher NIS. Currently, Natural Doctrine is … Read more

Over 100+ PS4 Games Releasing in 2014 List

Looking to see what games will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 for 2014. Sony has just unleashed the ultimate list showcasing over a hundred video games set to release this year. Now some of these games are broke down into sections of when the game will be released and there are a number of … Read more

Valve’s Documentary Free to Play Releases Next Month

Valve has been a very active development studio within the gaming community. Gabe Newell’s company not only develops video games but offers a marketplace for PC gamers known as Steam and has even started to make a console of their own with the help of different PC manufacturer partners. For those unaware, Valve’s recent creation … Read more