Valve’s Documentary Free to Play Releases Next Month

Valve has been a very active development studio within the gaming community. Gabe Newell’s company not only develops video games but offers a marketplace for PC gamers known as Steam and has even started to make a console of their own with the help of different PC manufacturer partners. For those unaware, Valve’s recent creation includes a feature-length documentary film.

The upcoming film is called Free to Play and it will focus on the popular Dota 2 video game. This is a MMO played on PC’s and with it’s popularity comes hordes of gamers and tournaments. Following three active Dota 2 players who live in different countries, Free to Play will capture their lives as they each prepare and ultimately face off in a $1 million tournament.

Currently, the featured film will be released in March 18th at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. Tickets will cost you $25 and will also give you the ability to sit in on a live Q&A after the film ends. More information can be found at the official Free to Play website.

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