Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Getting Its Own Documentary

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the biggest games of its time, and even thought the title originally launched in the long-forgotten period of 2013, its thousands of mods and millions of adoring fans keep it constantly in the limelight. With it being the absolute phenomenon it is, it’s not really too surprising to hear Grand … Read more

The Search For E.T. Video Game Landfill Goes Live!

Somewhere between completely urban legend to fact lies the truth of the E.T. video game landfill. Turns out that a team of filmmakers have been given the official okay on searching for the supposed landfill full of unsold copies of E.T. the video game. A crucial point in a upcoming video game documentary, we may … Read more

Watch the Making of The Last of Us, a 90-minute Documentary

The video was uploaded on YouTube by sonyplaystation, which shows the journey Naughty Dog faced creating the popular game. Titled as Exclusive | Grounded: The making of the Last of Us, it is a ninety minute documentary film that takes you closer into the development of the blockbuster. The video is down below. Enjoy.

Valve’s Documentary Free to Play Releases Next Month

Valve has been a very active development studio within the gaming community. Gabe Newell’s company not only develops video games but offers a marketplace for PC gamers known as Steam and has even started to make a console of their own with the help of different PC manufacturer partners. For those unaware, Valve’s recent creation … Read more

New ‘Gran Turismo’ Documentary release date announced

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a brand new documentary showcasing the history of  Gran Turismo franchise – the beautiful driving simulator which has been on every generation of PlayStation and its creator Kazunori Yamauchi. The movie which has been in development for more than a year with shooting over twelve international hotspots like Los … Read more