Sony Reveals PlayStation Now Equipped Bravia 4K TVs Launching June

Back at CES of this year, we learned about the PlayStation Now service. Furthermore, we learned that the Sony PlayStation Now service would be available on select Sony Bravia TVs. Today, Sony announced that the Bravia TV lineup that is equipped with PlayStation Now will be releasing this June.

Sony will be releasing a line of Bravia TVs that offer 4K display technology. What this means is that these TVs will offer four times the resolution of 1080p. Bravia 4K TVs with PlayStation Now support start at $2,099 for a 49″ while an 85″ will set you back $24,999. Make note though, Sony has announced that the line of TVs will require a dualshock 3 controller to play PS3 select titles.

PlayStation Now will give the ability to play PlayStation 3 video games by streaming the game from Sony’s cloud. We’re not sure if the beta will end and be available for general public by June when the TVs launch. Adding to that, no news have been released as to what video games will be available or how much the service will run.

For now, the beta is still currently in play giving few early gamers a taste of what’s to come. Once further details are released on Sony’s PlayStation Now service, we will keep you updated here at PlayStation Gang.