How Historically Accurate Is Fallout 4’s Boston and Commonwealth?

Crafting a beautiful, creative world is a must when it comes to open world games. But what about when it comes to reenacting the real world? The setting for Bethesdas Fallout 4 is the Commonwealth, in or around the Boston, Massachusetts area. Naturally, a few real world landmarks have crept into the game world and … Read more

Cell Phone Built In Minecraft Can Actually Make Video Calls, Amazing

While you’re struggling to survive from the constant creeper attacks in your mud hut, Youtube star CaptainSparklez has created a fully working cellphone that can make video calls from inside the game. Seeing creative builds on Minecraft isn’t something we’re new to, but this by far takes the crown. In addition to making video calls, … Read more

We Understand Your Pain

We understand your pain, the tutorial was way to long, achievements where very hard to get and most of the players weren’t that friendly. Real life has great graphics, but often the story is extremely boring (unless your Seal Team 6). Would you play a game that replicated life? Were you had to go through … Read more

How Counter Strike should look on PS4

Here’s a screenshot taken from a Youtube video which shows almost life-like visuals of Valve’s first-person-shooter Counter Strike. Would it be possible to resemble similar visuals on Sony’s recently announced PlayStation 4? We highly doubt it but even if it looks even remotely close to this level of realism, we’re sure fans would really love … Read more