GTA: San Andreas – PS2 Vs PS4 Side-By-Side Graphics Comparison

Sony has recently announced that they will be bringing games in batches from their best selling console the PS2 over to the PS4. These games will use emulation software to bring back the classic games. It has already released the first batch of titles for the PS4 which includes 8 titles – Dark Cloud — … Read more

Sony Enables PS2 Backwards Compatibility On PS4 Now

Sony has done something which PS4 gamers had been promised quite a while ago but were still waiting eagerly to be delivered. We’re talking about PS2 backwards compatibility on PlayStation 4. The hardware and software giant has enabled this feature in a rather non-glamorous way. While it is to be noted that its competitor Microsoft … Read more

Sony Reveals PlayStation Now May Include PS4, PS2 and PS1 Games

Sony Network Entertainment VP, Eric Lempel, spoke with Game Informer where he revealed that PlayStation Now can see some new updates and changes in the near future. Speaking of PlayStation Now, Eric Lempel admits that the service is doing incredibly well. Gamers are enjoying the service and Sony is looking to see how they can … Read more

PS1, PS2, and PS4 Games Could Come To PlayStation Now

According to VP of Sony Network Entertainment, Eric Lempel told Game Informer in an interview that PS1, PS2, and PS4 games could come to PlayStation now:”In our plans going forward we’re looking at everything so there’s the real possibility that you’ll see PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 4 titles available.” In the interview, it … Read more

Shadow of the Colossus Film Has a Director

Movies based on video games have been lack-luster to say the least, but it seems that has not stopped filmmakers from attempting to produce more movies based on video game IP’s. An adaptation of classic PlayStation 2-era game Shadow of the Colossus has been in development at Sony Pictures for years. According to a report, … Read more

3.5 Million PS4, PS3 and PS2 Combined Sold in Q1 2014

Sony has released its  financial report for the Q1 2014 between April 1st  to June 30th.  The report revealed games revenue has risen 95.7 percent year-on-year. The results revealed Sony Computer Entertainment sold 3.5 million between PS4, PS3 and the PS2 combined with a 0.75 million between the PS Vita and PSP. This generated income of 43 million dollars … Read more

Sony CEO Thought PlayStation Was Just ‘a Toy’

During an interview with Andrew House, it was revealed that it wasn’t too long ago when Ken Kutaragi, father of the PlayStation, thought that  the company as a whole truly believed the PlayStation console was simply a “Toy!” PlayStation was originally designed simply as a toy for Sony. Although, not everyone were  satisfied to see the brand … Read more