Atlus Confirms Persona 4 Coming To PS3

Fans of the Persona series will be happy to know that Persona 4 will be getting a port to the PlayStation 3. Something we would have liked a long time ago, it’s nice to see that will be getting the ability to play P4 soon and we mean soon. Atlus came out today and revealed … Read more

Sony Predicts The PS4 Will Match PS2 Sales

Sony has been trying to get the same sales figures for their consoles ever since the launch of the PlayStation 2. The PS2 happens to be the best selling console of all time with a record breaking 155 million units sold since the system launched. Sadly, Sony’s PlayStation 3 hasn’t managed to bring in even … Read more

Stacking Consoles turns into Amazing PlayStation Tower

This console was created in Japan and the items used is all the existing models of the PS4, PS3, PS2, and PS1. To be more specific it has the first PlayStation, the PlayStation One, fat and slim versions of the PS2, three different models of the PS3, and of course the lovely PS4, which happens … Read more

Sony Reportedly Working On PS1 PS2 Emulator For PS4

Sony understands that PlayStation 4 owners want to play their favorite titles from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 3. So the development team has been hard as work making backwards compatibility happen. For the PlayStation 3 we learned that Sony has implemented a new service known as PlayStation Now, a way in which PS4 … Read more

Good Times With PS1/PS2

To just think that your whole childhood could be found on one little memory stick is weird. Everything you worked for, you saved on that memory stick. It was nowhere like today where we had up to 500GB and more to save anything you wanted. Lets say you wanted to play a new game, you … Read more

PS4 becomes the most pre-ordered PS console ever

During an interview with VideoGamer, Sony chief Fergal Gara confirmed that the PlayStation 4 pre-orders are “way over and above and beyond the pre-order number at launch day” of PS2 and PS3. During Sony’s press conference at Gamescom this week, they confirmed that the PS4  pre-orders surpassed more than 1 million units and if that is just pre-orders, one can assume … Read more