“PS4 Graphics Comparison: The Road To PlayStation 4” video

PlayStationAccess has recently released a video from Youtube, inspiring PlayStation fans all over the world. You can easily see that this is a tribute to the previous consoles before, and a celebration for the upcoming PS4. The video takes you back in time from all the progress that has developed ever since the first PlayStation … Read more

PlayStationGang Radio: Requests And Info

If you enjoy music, prizes, and everything gaming related, then you may want to know about the new PlayStationGang Radio I will be hosting. I have made this article because I would like to play music everyone is interested in and giveaway prizes everyone wants, not to mention talk about gaming news people actually want … Read more

The real difference between PS2 and PS3

We all wondered what the differences were between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2. Although most of us thought it would be the huge hardware and software leap that Sony’s current gen console made over its predecessor…the truth is something else. Check out the comic below find out the real difference between both the consoles.