Sony Reportedly Working On PS1 PS2 Emulator For PS4

Sony understands that PlayStation 4 owners want to play their favorite titles from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 3. So the development team has been hard as work making backwards compatibility happen. For the PlayStation 3 we learned that Sony has implemented a new service known as PlayStation Now, a way in which PS4 owners can stream PS3 titles through a cloud. Now it seems Sony has been working on an emulator for the PlayStation 4. This emulator will allow the PS4 to play PS1 and PS2 games, this of course comes from a report made by Eurogamer.

The software emulation will possibly even grant the title HD resolution without upscale which has brought sometimes a blurry image we’ve seen on the PlayStation 3. Sony has yet to fully announce this emulator as news only comes from a source. However, since the outcry of backwards compatibility has been strong since the announcement of the PlayStation 4 it would seem that Sony has something in the works.

We’ll likely hear the announcement of any emulator this June during E3 2014. However, if Sony decides to announce the emulator sooner than expected you can be sure we’ll have the latest on it covered right here on PlayStation Gang. Until then, tell us what past generation video games you’re interested in playing on the PS4.