Hackers Create Keychain Gameboy Smaller Than An Apple Watch

One of the greatest gaming accomplishments of 2016 was revealed at the Hackaday SuperConference. It wasn’t a new breakthrough in VR that lets you actually do your chores while pretending to do your chores, it wasn’t even an announcement for Pokemon Go 2 featuring a brand new footstep system. It’s a tiny, tiny little Gameboy … Read more

Elite Hackers Are Now Playing Pokemon And Running Linux On Playstation 4

The infamous Fail0verflow hacker group, who notably hacked the PlayStation 3 in 2010, have now overthrown the defenses of its successor, the PlayStation 4. The group has hacked the PS4 and accomplished a working modified version of the Linux operating system. Furthermore, as the video demonstrates below, the custom OS is also able to run … Read more

Sony Reportedly Working On PS1 PS2 Emulator For PS4

Sony understands that PlayStation 4 owners want to play their favorite titles from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 3. So the development team has been hard as work making backwards compatibility happen. For the PlayStation 3 we learned that Sony has implemented a new service known as PlayStation Now, a way in which PS4 … Read more