Prey Will Let Players Turn Into This Disgusting Item

Honestly, as fun as prey looks, this is a pretty crappy Mimic disguise. Prey is going to let you turn into a roll of toilet paper. And yeah, I know, my pun was terrible. I don’t regret it. Upcoming Bethesda title Prey puts you in the shoes of Morgan Yu, a man trapped on a … Read more

7 upcoming videogames releasing in 2017 that every gamer must play

While there are plenty more games set for release in 2017, these are our most anticipated games of 2017. God of War Platform: PS4 Release Date: TBA 2017 After brutalizing one pantheon of gods, the Ghost of Sparta has set his sights on another. Based around the Norse mythology, God of War sees players adventuring … Read more

Bethesda confirms that Prey 2 has been cancelled

At Pax Australia Pete Hines an employee at Bethesda confirmed that the highly anticipated Prey 2 has been cancelled. He explained that it was an incredibly difficult decision for Bethesda to make but the game was not up to Bethesda’s standards and would have disappointed fans of the original Prey. He told CNET that “it was a … Read more