BioWare Reveals New Mass Effect 4 Video Game Details At Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con has wrapped up and if you didn’t catch the Mass Effect panel, we have all the details about the upcoming Mass Effect video game you need to know. First of which, the new Mass Effect video game will not be labeled Mass Effect 4. During the panel, BioWare developers stated that … Read more

New Mass Effect 4 Details Revealed

During the press conferences at E3 2014, it was revealed that BioWare was hard at work in developing a new Mass Effect video game. With no official name tied to the project, Mass Effect 4 has been dubbed the project title as of late. New details have emerged on the coming Mass Effect 4 title … Read more

Mass Effect 4 Teaser Video

EA’s press conference during this year’s E3 expo teased the upcoming Mass Effect 4 video game and if you didn’t catch the teaser, here is the video. According to EA the upcoming Mass Effect 4 video game will be bringing new characters, environments and giving players new people to fall in love with. The technology of … Read more

BioWare: Development of Mass Effect 4 is in the middle stages.

Yanick Roy, Studio Director (Montreal) of BioWare, has disclosed about the development stages of the game Mass Effect 4. A fan had inquired about the progress of the development of the game through twitter in which Roy replied that it was in the middle stages. The tweet (via NeoGAF) reads as follows. “Too late for one, too … Read more

Mass Effect 4 Director is “Doing it right over doing it fast!”

BioWare’s Mass Effect series isn’t ending as a Mass Effect 4 title is in the works. The game started out as a trilogy, playing out in a science fiction RPG. There happens to be three main titles within the franchise with all three being rather successful hits. However, we do have to make mention that the ending of … Read more

Mass Effect 4 Already in Playable Condition

Mass Effect 4 is very much a thing and it’s so far into development that it’s already in a playable state, a recent Bioware employee tweet has confirmed. Aaryn Flynn, General Manager at BioWare revealed on  Twitter (via GI) about the game, “Great time playing the next Mass Effect game in Montreal,” adding: “Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but … Read more

Next Mass Effect game to be ‘fresh and new’

During a presentation at PAX East today, BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson informed that the next Mass Effect game  will be “fresh and new.”  Not only that, but the next Mass Effect game in series will offer new ideas, including the new film with Legendary remains in production. “We are starting to get ready to develop another Mass Effect … Read more