BioWare: Development of Mass Effect 4 is in the middle stages.

Yanick Roy, Studio Director (Montreal) of BioWare, has disclosed about the development stages of the game Mass Effect 4.

A fan had inquired about the progress of the development of the game through twitter in which Roy replied that it was in the middle stages.

The tweet (via NeoGAF) reads as follows.

“Too late for one, too early for the other…So I guess we’re somewhere in the middle? :-)”

It has been more than a year now since the development of the game started, yet no statement has been made by BioWare about the game being a sequel or prequel to the older trilogy. Regardless, BioWare has confirmed in its earlier teasers that Commander Shepherd will no longer be in the game.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the better.