BioWare Reveals New Mass Effect 4 Video Game Details At Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con has wrapped up and if you didn’t catch the Mass Effect panel, we have all the details about the upcoming Mass Effect video game you need to know. First of which, the new Mass Effect video game will not be labeled Mass Effect 4.

During the panel, BioWare developers stated that gamers will not be taking control of Shepard and will not be apart of the story and taking control of an alien isn’t fully “locked down” at the moment. Though when it comes to your character, you will still be apart of the N7.

Gamers should to expect to see new worlds and explore locations never before seen within the series. As for old characters, they may or may not be present in this new upcoming game. For improvements, BioWare revealed that the Mako has been looked at since there was a pretty clear frustration gamers found while trying to drive the vehicles around the planets.

No release date, title or an official list of what consoles will get the Mass Effect game quite yet. We will of course keep you updated as we learn the latest.