New Mass Effect 4 Details Revealed

During the press conferences at E3 2014, it was revealed that BioWare was hard at work in developing a new Mass Effect video game. With no official name tied to the project, Mass Effect 4 has been dubbed the project title as of late. New details have emerged on the coming Mass Effect 4 title from E3.

Game Trailers had the chance to talk with BioWare GM Aaryn Fylnn about the coming Mass Effect 4 development. We learn from the interview that the developers are working really hard with Frostbite and making sure everyone gets the system down.

It’s exciting because [developer BioWare] Montreal is really killing it with Frostbite–they’re working really hard on that stuff. Casey and the Mass Effect leads are really working well with them, making sure everyone’s learning stuff, getting the fundamental tenets of the IP down. And they’re just going for it; they’re doing a lot of really cool stuff right now.

When it comes to when Mass Effect 4 will be a prequel to the original Mass Effect trilogy or after the event from Mass Effect 4, Aaryn was keeping tight lipped. No information was released to when the game will be taking place in terms of the Mass Effect timeline but there will be nods to gamers who played the past Mass Effect games.

While we’re unsure if there will be the return of past characters, Aaryn did mention that there will be the return of certain species. It would seem that Mass Effect 4 will be it’s own story and game set apart from the past Mass Effect video games. We’ll keep you updated with the latest details right here on PSG with E3 2014 and news from BioWare.