Soulja Boy Faces Lengthy Prison Sentence After Selling Fake Games Console

Soulja Boy has been in the spotlight recently after unveiling a range of suspicious-looking tech items, including a smart watch and games console. Images of tech products started cropping up on Twitter, from the ‘SouljaGame console’ to the ‘SouljaGame handheld’ – all bases have been covered. lmfao soulja boy what you doing — . … Read more

Game Publisher Sues Steam Customers For Leaving Bad Reviews

A video games developer by the name of Digital Homicide has landed itself in an awkward situation again, by their own command. This time their contention is with one of the biggest and most respected companies in the entire industry – Valve. The Valve corporations users – over a hundred of them according to a … Read more

Woman sued Microsoft over unwanted Windows 10 updates, wins the lawsuit

Image: Microsoft has been aggressively pushing users for Windows 10 upgrades and not everyone is happy about it. According to a report published on The Seattle Times, a woman, whose computer was messed up by the update, sued Microsoft and won $10,000. The Seattle Times report read, A few days after Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public last … Read more

Someone is suing Valve for running an illegal ‘online gambling’ market in one of its most popular games

Image: A new lawsuit has been filed against Valve for felicitating the operations of an illegal online gambling market for one of its most popular shooters: Counter Strike: Global Offensive.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Michael John McLeod, who is a resident of Connecticut. Polygon reported that the suit was filed against the trading of weapon skins … Read more

NCAA Athletes Are Starting To Get Big Checks From EA Sports

College athletes have been making huge amounts of money for everyone except themselves, under the guise that they’re building a name, getting the attention of the major leagues, and that it’ll all pay off when they make it to the next level. Their names and likenesses have been sold to EA by their schools and … Read more

Lindsay Lohan Files New Lawsuit Against Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5

Looks like Lindsay Lohan has filed another lawsuit complaint to Rockstar for using her “likeness” in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5. The lawsuit will be against not only Rockstar but Take-Two Interactive. This time, Lindsay Lohan has filed a 67-page complaint that supposedly holds evidence that shows her likeness being taken and used … Read more