Sony Employee Sends The Best Apology Gifts To Woman After Hitting Her With A Golf Ball

There are few things worse than ending an exciting day doing what you love by ending up in hospital, but it actually had a happy ending (sort of) for one golfing fanatic.

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Redditor shakasandchakras shared her story online, where she wrote: “got hit with a golf ball, guy that hit me works for Sony. He sent me this care package.” [via Unilad].

She added an image of the package she received, which appears to include a PlayStation 4 Pro, a wireless headset, an extra DualShock controller and a bunch of AAA games, including PS4 exclusives Spider-Man, God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Credit: Reddit/shakasandchakras

Check out the post in full right here.

It’s a nice bundle, but the best part is probably the apology the unlucky golfer received from the Sony employee.

It apparently read: “Once i got back with people at the tournament I was told they didn’t realize it hit me until word spread. It hit the bathroom, bounced off and hit me, then bounce back onto the fairway. So their laughing was about it hitting the bathroom then somehow coming back on the course.”

Before you start thinking that this is the best gift ever, check out the injury the woman received from the accident. It’s seriously gruesome and looks like it’s going to leave a scar…

Credit: Reddit/shakasandchakras


Offering up a little more detail on the injury, she wrote: “Was supposed to caddy for the Sony Open Pro Am today. I was walking to the bathroom, heard someone tee off, and then it hit. Then they yelled Fore… then laughed.”

She clarified in her posts that the care package wasn’t to avoid a lawsuit for her injuries, saying that she’s signed a waiver before the Sony Open Pro Arm that waived her rights to sue.

Hopefully the apology and gifts will help her in her recovery.

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