Lindsay Lohan Files New Lawsuit Against Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5

Looks like Lindsay Lohan has filed another lawsuit complaint to Rockstar for using her “likeness” in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5. The lawsuit will be against not only Rockstar but Take-Two Interactive. This time, Lindsay Lohan has filed a 67-page complaint that supposedly holds evidence that shows her likeness being taken and used for profit.

News of the lawsuit has come from Hollywood Reporter in that a 67-page complaint was filed over to the court. Within the new complaint, a series of photos among other evidence was included that supports Lohan’s complaints. Take-Two Interactive has come back with a statue-of-limitations defense which they base off the original complaint made over a year ago about a side-mission within the game that Lohan first complained about her likeness being portrayed.

Now the new complaint is focusing on the main image of the game showing off a blonde model in a red bikini making a peace sign. Lohan is stating that this photo came from another model that Rockstar used the likeness from. How this ties directly to Lohan is that she states this model actually stole the idea from a photograph taken of Lohan back in 2007.

We will keep you updated on the Grand Theft Auto 5 lawsuit but we want to know. Do you feel like Rockstar stole Lindsay Lohan’s likeness? Let us know in the comment section below.