Player sets up test to see if Harambe can stop GTA V’s Jumbo Jet

There has been a recent epidemic of GTA V videos where modders create unbelievable situations that usually involve trying to stop massive vehicles with living things. A recent one you may recall is when YouTuber RZED set up a test to see if 100 civilians could stop GTA V‘s Jumbo Jet, which is a replica of the Boeing … Read more

Harambe Slam Dunks in NBA 2K17

Is it too soon? Harambe, the 17-year-old lowland gorilla of Cincinnati Zoo assasination fame has recently been seen putting his vice-like grip and athletic prowess to the test in the NBA, courtesy of Bleacher Report. The gorilla, who appears to be about 8 feet tall in-game is seen slam dunking on the Golden State Warriors, … Read more

Someone made a Street Fighter Game featuring a playable Harambe in it

It’s happened. Harambe has his own glorified fighting avatar thanks to a bunch of fans who decided to pay their own special tribute to everyone’s (now dead) beloved ape. Harambe Vs Capcom is a functional videogame where you can play as the legend himself. It comes with its own sub-plot to boot and promises to … Read more