FIFA And EA Sports Bring End To Publisher Partnership

The international football governing body FIFA has made a statement following EA’s recent re-branding announcement for their football games. The statement, titled “FIFA set to widen gaming and esports portfolio“, talks about FIFA’s future in the world of football games. It comes after EA made an announcement about re-branding their popular sports series. According to … Read more


Gamer Manages To Unlock Hidden Bizarre Celebration in FIFA 17

Everyone’s favorite party game has gotten a little more bizarre – after one player discovered a new, hidden celebration completely by chance. In the video above, Reddit user bizzarevan found the new celebration after scoring with Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal). After scoring, Ramsey runs towards the sideboard and is joined by his teammates – who sit down … Read more

6 Best Soccer Games of All Time

For all you soccer game aficionados out there we prepared a top six of the best titles on the market. We are interested in gameplay mechanics, the quality of graphics and . As usual we’ll include only one title per franchise just to make the list fair and diverse. 6. Sensible World of Soccer 22 … Read more

EA Closing Online Support For Select Video Games

50 EA titles will have their multiplayer and online support cut down in June. These titles are being withdrawn from online support due to the shutdown of Gamespy. These affect games in various platforms such as DS, PS2, PS3, Wii, Mac and PC. Previously EA has closed down online support to various games in various … Read more