FIFA Player Can See Entire Pitch With This Insane Gaming Setup

A Reddit user has shown off their insane PC setup which lets them see the entire pitch while playing FIFA.

They’ve managed to achieve this feat by installing a Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor into their gaming setup. The mammoth monitor measures at 49” diagonally with an aspect ratio of 32:9 and a resolution of 5120×1440. It also boasts a high-speed refresh rate of 240hz and Nvidia G-sync to iron out that screen tearing.

For reference, most standard monitor displays are an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is the format that most television shows are viewed in. Movies are often formatted in 21:9, which is considered widescreen. Very little video content is formatted in 32:9, which is twice the width of a standard TV.

Playing FIFA on this bad boy of a screen means that the player is able to see almost all the way from one goal to the other without the camera even moving. 

Is this considered cheating?

The setup has sparked a debate on Reddit as to whether this extreme camera angle should be considered cheating. Comments claim that the wide-angle viewing means it’s much easier to cover dangerous passes and through balls. It’s also much easier to defend as you can keep an eye on your defending players even while the ball is over by the other goal.

In an interview with SportBible, the user discloses that despite the visual advantage, he’s only ranked Div 5 in division rivals as he’s fairly new to the game [via SportBible].

As for FIFA, EA has said nothing that would indicate playing on a widescreen monitor is cheating. The company offer good support for widescreen monitors in its other titles like Battlefield and Titanfall, too.

In other competitive games, developers are steadfast with their views on ultrawide gaming. Neither Overwatch nor Valorant allows players to display the game at anything other than 16:9, even on a 21:9 monitor.

The only options for players with wide monitors are to stretch/magnify the gameplay or deal with ugly black bars on the sides. Any modding attempt to display these games correctly will count as cheating and result in a ban.

YouTube video

Widescreen monitors like these aren’t cheap – you’re looking at about £500 for a good one here in the UK. The Samsung Odyssey G9 that the Reddit user owns retails for over £1,200. If you’ve got the cash for one, they certainly make for an entertaining gaming experience!

Would you be up for gaming on a screen as wide as this? Let us know across our social channels.

[Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Gatsbuu]

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